Working with Touchstone will enable you to

Maximise every opportunity

We’re dedicated to getting the most out of every opportunity. If a contact isn’t ready for a meeting, we won’t just cross them off the list. We’ll listen, be patient and reach out to them again when the time is right. That way, you still benefit from the connection we’ve made.

Grow your customer base

We can help you tap into markets where you have no existing footprint – whether you’re trying to expand globally or engage with a new sector.

Boost your business’s visibility

We like to call ourselves ‘chameleons’. As the first voice of your business, we fully adapt to your approach – using the language you’d use and truly becoming an integrated part of your team. This boosts your business’s visibility and leaves your prospects with a positive first impression.

Reduce your workload

We save you time by taking away the hassle of cold calling. We know that setting aside time for cold calling is tricky when you run your own business. There are too many interruptions from phone calls, emails and other business issues. Our dedicated team takes all this off your hands and simply presents you with the results.

Create a robust new business pipeline

We connect the dots with skill, integrity and expertise to ensure that you have a strong and high-quality pipeline of new business to empower your company to grow and flourish.

We ensure quality in every lead

Quality Leads

The word ‘touchstone’ is much more than just a name for us. Meaning a measurement of the quality or genuineness of something, it is integral to our promise to you: that we will connect you with people that we believe are genuinely interested in having a conversation with your company, building you a robust and high-quality business pipeline.

All our business development managers are experts in having meaningful conversations. If a contact is not ready for a meeting immediately, we’ll gather the intelligence we need and ensure the relationship is there so that we can get back in touch with them at a more suitable time. We work with empathy, patience and genuine interest in your success.